Chris J. Suggs

Born and raised in Kinston, North Carolina, 19-year-old Chris J. Suggs strives to make a lasting difference in his hometown and beyond. Since 2014, Chris has served as the Founder & CEO of Kinston Teens, a nonprofit organization focused on youth empowerment and community development. In addition to his work with Kinston Teens, since 2016 Chris has served as the youngest Commissioner on the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission. Chris has worked with and been featured by major platforms including Nickelodeon, The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue Magazine, Facebook and First Lady Michelle Obama. Chris is currently a student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Political Science and Religious Studies.


Chris is an award-winning public speaker who is sought-after for his inspiring messages of scholarship, community, leadership, faith and youth empowerment. From religious services to academic ceremonies, Chris is an excellent speaker for all audiences. Click here to book Chris.



Chris is the Founder & CEO of Youth Impact Strategies—a consulting firm with a mission of helping adults better impact the lives of young people, and young people better impact the world. Click here to learn more information about Youth Impact Strategies or book a consultation.

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Chris has worked with and been featured by major platforms and institutions, from First Lady Michelle Obama's Better Make Room Campaign to Facebook, Nickelodeon, and the North Carolina Governor's Office. Click here to learn more about his work.


This Inspiring Teen Is A New Leader In The Fight Against Gun Violence

Sixteen-year-old Chris Suggs said he had seen enough gun violence in his hometown of Kinston, North Carolina that it motivated him to find a way to fight back. As a result, Suggs founded Kinston Teens in 2014, which is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide youth with opportunities to serve their community and encourage them to work together to help identify solutions to some of the city's pressing issues.

How a 16 Year Old Is Fighting Gun Violence in His City

"Since young people are affected by these issues, we also need to be at the table when it comes to developing solutions," Chris told ABC. And just because they're young doesn't mean that they don't want to change their community for the better.

Shine On, Christopher Suggs!

Meet 15-year-old Kinston Teens founder Christopher Suggs. This amazing teen started an organization to effect positive change in his violence-ridden community.

Kinston Teens founder selected for position with First Lady Michelle Obama

One year ago First Lady Michelle Obama announced the Better Make Room public awareness campaign as part of her Reach Higher initiative. On Thursday, Kinston Teens founder and CEO Christopher J. Suggs announced he had been selected for a position on the campaign's inaugural Youth Advisory Board.

Teen Uses His Voice to Fight Gun Violence in His Small Town

Kinston, North Carolina, is a "great small town" according to 16-year-old Chris Suggs. It has been that way as long as he can remember. "Everybody knows everybody. Everybody loves and supports each other," he said. But in 2014, the city was on edge.